They knew it wasn’t going to be easy. The opposing lineup was, perhaps, somehow more intimidating than their own, with six of its eight regular batters putting up double-digit home run totals during the season. They knew that their ace pitcher, Frank, had been not been very ace-like in recent starts. Still– after eleven straight wins got them to the title game, players in the Boston clubhouse knew that this was their best chance to win it all.

After a tense, but well-earned 14-11 victory over a powerhouse Detroit team, Boston stands alone as the best team in Bad News Baseball. Behind the power of six home runs and thirteen total extra base hits, Boston’s bats couldn’t be held down enough for Detroit to outscore them. The game featured a total of twelve home runs– a championship record– and ten combined doubles. Pitchers rarely were able to match up well against opposing offenses. Even Chuck, the Bad News Baseball Championship MVP, was touched up for three runs in three innings in yet another heroic winning effort out of the bullpen.

“I had to step up,” Chuck said after the game. “Detroit was the best team that we had faced, and I knew I had been hot lately. I kept my pitches away, got some ground ball outs, and tried to limit the damage for our bats to do their thing.”

Boston’s bats did their thing all game long. Leadoff batter Chris homered on the first pitch of the game, and first baseman Duncan homered two batters later to set the tone. Detroit responded with a solo homer of its own in the bottom of the frame, and the makings of a slugfest were in place. “That Boston offense is a nightmare,” said Detroit starter Sparky, who was tagged for six runs in four innings, three by way of the longball. “If I left anything near the plate, they crushed it. You’ve gotta tip your cap to them. We weren’t the only ones they beat up on.”

Detroit pitching did find a way to keep Boston’s offense at bay in the fourth and fifth innings, and its offense hammered Boston starter Frank for four runs to tie things up at six. “I just couldn’t find my spots,” said Frank. “I was running out of gas early, too. I just battled as long as I could, but it was a rough go out there. My teammates picked me up, which is what good teams do.”

After each team scored in the sixth, the team traded punches in the seventh. Boston used the bunt to perfection, getting two runners home after another solo homer early. Detroit came back to with two runs of its own, but at 10-9 after seven, the tide seemed to be turning. Boston then exploded with four more in the eighth, while Chuck shut down the Detroit offense in the bottom of the frame to keep the lead at five runs going into the ninth. “Big inning for me there,” Chuck said. “There were some nice plays behind me on ground balls to keep the bases clear. I made a few good pitches, but my defense did what it had to do.”

Boston was held scoreless in the top of the ninth, giving way to reliable reliever Norman to try and shut the door. Detroit refused to give up, putting a runner on first with one out before cleanup hitter Andre hit a two-run blast to narrow the margin to just three. “I knew I had a cushion,” Norman explained. “When you have some wiggle room like that, you just try to make your pitches and don’t worry so much about mistakes. I still felt good after Andre’s homer, and just did my thing after that.”

The title victory caps an amazing run for Boston. “Putting together all of those wins in a row was hard, man,” leadoff hitter Chris said. “Yeah, we were dominant at times, but there were times when we had to pull together and win ugly. These guys were up to the task, and now we’re champs. This one’s for the fans!”

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