Sadly, there aren’t any content updates today, as The Ref is on bed rest due to a likely kidney stone. The good news is that things should be getting back to normal early next week.

Here’s a couple of new things to show off, in the meantime:

First, a sealed copy of World Series Baseball for the SEGA Genesis arrived today. This will be opened in a future video discussing the game. It’s from 1994, so it’s more than 25 years old! It stands as one of the best 16-bit baseball games made, with full season play, full stat tracking, above-average visuals and sound, full battery backup, and some very impressive play-by-play commentary for the time. This one will be fun to talk about soon.

This also came in the mail. It’s a new referee jersey, a new whistle, and a penalty flag. The penalty flag is for an upcoming series of articles and videos about certain games that earn it. A few titles have been added to the list already, and more will be coming. The jersey is the first new one in years, and has been needed. The whistle is generally for show, but is practical when having to cover gym classes at the day job. It’s LOUD. The hat has been here for awhile, but it completes the ensemble.

Next week will feature the Bad News Baseball Championship recap. Will Boston finally pull out a title win, or be stopped in its quest? Also: look for more After Further Review and The Ref Remembers content, with a baseball theme to tie them together. Finally, the Film Room will also have some baseball as the PlayStation MLB Battle of 2001 will feature a trio of sealed baseball games to be opened for the console.

Don’t forget that you can follow The Ref on Twitter and Instagram, where photos, memories, and random notes about retro sports games get posted regularly!

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