Unwanted sports video games are nearly everywhere you look. Video game stores, thrift stores, online sales listings… if you’re hunting for games, you’re bound to come across copies of Madden or NBA 2K in your travels.

For those who are interested in sports games, it has been and will continue to be a buyer’s market, even when going back to the 8-bit and 16-bit eras. Even complete-in-box (CIB) games are on the low end of the value scale.

I just picked up Baseball Stars for the NES, complete in box for $30. The box is in great shape, the game still has the plastic bag on it, and the manual is very good. That’s one of the more popular sports games, too. While it will be necessary to check the cartridge battery if I’m going to actively play the game’s Season Mode, it was still a great find when considering that most NES don’t come in their original boxes these days. This game is 30+ years old now, which makes the find even more exciting.

I also grabbed Super Bases Loaded for the SNES, also complete, for just $11. The box, manual, and included poster are all pristine– which is really impressive for a game that’s almost 30 years old. Unlike Baseball Stars, this game doesn’t have a battery backup, so it’s good to play right away.

These are just a couple of examples of what’s out there. Building a library of retro sports video games these days is not only a relatively easy process, but it’s also fairly inexpensive. There are exceptions to this rule, like complete copies of always-popular titles like Tecmo Super Bowl and NBA JAM, but pricing is relative.

When a game is covered here, that game’s approximate value will be listed at the end of the page it’s mentioned in. That way, if a game that is written about is one you want to try for yourself, you’ll have an idea of what you might pay for it.

Hopefully, you’ll find a few games covered here that will either be new to you or that you haven’t played in a while and feel motivated to go back to. It’s fun to read about these games, but it’s more fun to play them yourself.

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